Consultancy & Systems Design

Whatever your requirement - we can advise on the most suitable and cost effective solution for you. Our expert advice can save you time and money. Typical areas where we can help include:

OS X Server

Is OS X Server the best choice for you? What facilities does it provide?

How easy is Windows integration? What hardware do you need?

Email, Internet and Web services

What are the relative costs and benefits of ADSL and now, ADSL2+?

Which Internet Service Provider offers the most suitable service for you?

How can you protect your data from hackers and viruses?

The Macintosh range

Which model is suitable for which tasks - for example video, audio, Internet access?

Backup, archiving and storage

What system should you be using to ensure a safe and easily retrievable backup?

How can you implement a reliable, fast and simple automated procedure?

Software Licensing

Could you be purchasing your software more cost-effectively?


Do you think you should upgrade your application or mac System software?

Or are you worried about the implications - we can advise you!


We can advise on printers, scanners, projectors, cameras and other peripherals.